Beautiful Bridal Gift

I guess I am just in that stage of life where everyone around you is getting married and having babies. I love it! I have so many projects on the go I can’t even keep up.


Being a bridesmaid is a true honor. And I feel like hand-made gifts are always more special for occasions like this.


I have seen so many beautiful photos of a wedding dress hanging in a window or doorway, with the perfect lighting, and thought how much better it would look draped off a bedazzled wooden hangar – duh!


So I whipped up this little gift (I already had everything at home but you could easily do this for about $5).


Supplies Needed:

– Wooden hangar

– Alphabet stickers

– Ribbon

– Scissors & lighter




And the rest is pretty darn easy!


Using the stickers, I wrote “bride” but you could put her name or some other word that means something to her (just make sure it will fit).




Then I added some ribbon on the top – this is where the lighter comes in – make sure to seal your edges or it will fray…. Trust me. Also a little tip on cutting ribbon so it looks pretty… cut it on an angle!




And there you have it folks, a suuuuuper easy, but lovely little gift!


the final product




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